Generation 2 Phone is blinking Blue and will not initialize

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There are times when the Generation 2 phone will go into a state where it will not initialize completely after a reboot or when moved. The first step in troubleshooting the issue is to re-seat the Lifelink cable. The Lifelink cable can be a bit temperamental and re-seating the cable can help resolve this issue. You may also need to try another port underneath the phone. There are a total of four MicroUSB ports that can be used to connect the Gen 2 phone to the Icon.


(Important: When connecting Gen 2 phone with the Icon, there cannot be anything connected to the RJ-45 Port. You cannot send POE (Power Over Ethernet) to the Generation 2 Phone. This is another reason why the phone will not initialize.)


You may also need to re-seat cable on the Icon side of the connection. If none of these steps seem to resolve the issue, if available, test with another cable. If you don't have another cable or if the phone fails to initialize with both cables, then a reset of the phone would be the next step.


Unplug the Lifelink cable once more and plug it back in to the phone. As soon as you see any activity on the touch screen, tap the screen with three fingers once. If you performed the steps properly, you will see this on the touch screen.



Press the Factory Reset button, the other icons will go away and the phone will freeze up for about a minute.



If the phone fails to reboot completely after reset, the next step would be contact lifesize support for further assistance. Please have the serial number of the Generation 2 phone available when contacting Lifesize support.







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