Guide - The IT Pro Who Shattered Shadow IT

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The IT department had lost control — from Cynthia the CIO to Clark the IT manager and Steve the sys admin. No longer did they know what technology was being used across the organization. It was the Wild West, with gunfights in the streets, damsels in distress and old-sounding saloon pianos chiming in the background...


Shadow IT has become a household (or office-hold) name in today’s modern businesses, but what a lot of organizations don’t realize is the number of risks involved in ignoring those rogue technology installations. The average large enterprise uses around 1,220 individual cloud services, which is more than 13 times the 91 services recognized by IT departments. Not only does Shadow IT go directly against IT departments, it can also create security vulnerabilities and unnecessary costs. Employees typically engage in Shadow IT because they think it will save their company, and IT department, time and money. In reality, going around IT just bypasses the critical management, integration, and security and compliance related safeguards that they support. Download this guide for more information on how to:


  1. Seek out the biggest shadow IT offenders
  2. Assess security and efficiency risks and provide suitable alternatives
  3. Get employees to come forward about their shadow deployments
  4. Become more involved in the application selection process
  5. Create a more transparent IT management culture


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