How Firmware Auto-upgrade works on my Lifesize Cloud Registered (Paired) Endpoints

Document created by akrishnamohan Support on Apr 20, 2017
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We at lifesize (strongly) recommend to your Endpoints (Icon Series / 220 Series) to be on the latest firmware version, as this helps overcome bug fixes and overall Product improvement.


How does the firmware update happens on the Cloud Registered Endpoints?


  • Firmware update is pushed to the endpoint from
  • If you network device supports fqdn, / must be white-listed.
  • Else, please contact our Support, with reference to this URL and we will provide a list of IP sub-nets, to be white-listed on your router / firewall.


How are the firmware auto-upgrades for Endpoints, handled?


  • If you setting-up the endpoint for the first time with Lifesize Cloud Service, after the initial SIP registration, Endpoint will initiate an Auto-Upgrade (This upgrade is mandatory and hence it will not prompt you for an option to skip)
  • Firmware Auto-upgrades on the Endpoints are designed to trigger only between (8:00 PM - 5.59 AM). (NOTE: Time is based on the Local Time Zone set on the endpoint and not on the Server)
  • Auto Upgrade notification will not be prompted in business hour(6:00 AM to 7:59PM) other than reboot or first time pairing
  • Endpoint must prompt an Auto upgrade notification even if it is in sleep mode during the non-business hours
  • Endpoint will initiate upgrade, if there is no input for more than 1~2 min, since the Auto Upgrade prompt.
  • Endpoint will not go for sleep mode, if upgrade prompt is displayed
  • Endpoint will not display upgrade prompt or initiate upgrade when there is an ACTIVE call
  • If you hit NO to the Auto-upgrade wizard, (during business hours) next upgrade prompt will trigger in the next Non-business hour.
  • If you hit NO to the Auto-upgrade wizard, (during non-business hours) next trigger will prompt after 20 minutes (between 8:00 PM - 5:59 AM)