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What is lecture mode?

In a meeting in lecture mode, participants see the main speaker (lecturer) but not each other. Lecturers can see all participants in the meeting.


Why would I want to use lecture mode?

Lecture mode is ideal for presentations where you want to focus on the people presenting, as opposed to displaying video of all participants – making meetings more engaging for the viewers. It’s great for company meetings, town halls and training sessions.


Important steps to take

Before your meeting or Live Stream event, decide who will present and from which room(s) or site(s) they will present. We recommend using lecture mode if there is only one presenter or room/site that will be presenting. Lecture mode cannot be changed or turned off during a Live Stream event.

  • If you want only one presenter (or group of people presenting from the same room system) to be seen on screen at all times, then assign that person or room system as a lecturer. This person or room system must call into the Lifesize meeting room before video and audio will appear for Live Stream event participants.
  • If you have more than one presenter in different sites or rooms that you want to be seen on screen by viewers, then do not assign a lecturer since you will not be able to change back and forth between these sites during the event.


How do I set it up?

Create a new meeting, or edit an existing meeting if you are the owner. Under Advanced Options, choose a person to assign as the lecturer. Save, and that’s it!


See it in action

As a viewer, when you’re in a meeting with lecture mode or watching a recording of the meeting, you will see both the presentation and the presenter who is speaking.


Screen_Shot 2017-05-02.png


Want to know more about live streaming events? Check out Lifesize Live Stream Best Practices.

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