The New Lifesize Web and Desktop App FAQ

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Use this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide as a quick reference to get answers to the most asked questions about the new Lifesize web and desktop apps.


Last Updated 9/28/2018: Chat notifications for the desktop app are now available.

Last Updated 4/6/2018: Access to far-end camera controls to adjust your Lifesize Icon or 220 cameras now available for the web and desktop apps.

Last Updated 3/28/2018: End of support date changed to May 31, 2018.

Last updated 10/27/2017: Configurable Windows MSI file is now available.


Access and Compatibility

Q: Which systems are supported with the new web and desktop apps?

  • Mac OS X® 10.10 and above, (64 bit)
  • Windows 7 and above, (32 bit and 64 bit)


Q: Which browsers is the new web app compatible with?

  • Google Chrome™ version 59 or above
  • Internet Explorer 11


Q: Do I need to change my firewall settings to use the new app?

Customers with firewall policies in place that are restricted to the node addresses used in Lifesize must whitelist the IP addresses listed here. Please note that the new desktop app tunnel gateway is now the same as the web app tunnel gateway. Additionally, we have added four new servers and recommend verifying your settings to prevent interrupted service to Lifesize.


Q: How long will the old desktop app be supported?

The end of life date for the legacy desktop app is May 31, 2018. After that date, the legacy desktop app will no longer be supported.


Q: Will I still be able to access the old web app?

No. At launch, the old web app will switch over to the new web app. The URL to access the web app will continue to be If you were using a different URL to access the new web app during beta, you will be redirected to



Q: How do I install the new desktop application?

  1. Go to
  2. Select either the Mac or Windows button, depending on your operating system, to download the Lifesize desktop app
  3. Once the file has downloaded, open the file to initiate the installation process and complete the setup


Q: Will I need admin rights on my computer for the first install of the new desktop app?

No. The new desktop app installs into the current user’s profile for Mac OS X® and Windows®.


Q: Will I need admin rights to install future updates to the desktop app?

No. Updates for the new desktop application will download in the background automatically and will be applied to the app when the user signs back in.


Q: How do I uninstall the old desktop application?

  • Uninstalling the old Lifesize desktop application on Windows
    • Click the Start button
    • Click Control Panel, then click Programs and Features
    • Select the “Lifesize Cloud” app, and then click Uninstall
  • Uninstalling the old Lifesize desktop application on Mac OS X®
    • Open your Applications folder
    • Locate the app called Lifesize Cloud
    • Right click and select Move to Trash. Or drag the application to the trash bin.


Q: What happens if I have both the new and old desktop application installed?

The old desktop app will continue to function and will accept incoming calls and messages if you are actively signed in. We recommend uninstalling the old desktop app to avoid duplication of alerts and to simplify the experience.


Q: Will users of the old desktop app receive an in-app reminder to download the new app?

Yes. Prior to ending support for the legacy desktop app, we will post a message in the old desktop app that instructs users to download the new desktop app. There will be a link to download the new desktop app in the message.


Q: Did the Lifesize Microsoft Outlook Add-in change?

No. The current Outlook Add-in has not been updated with the release of the new app. It is compatible with the new apps and works as expected. Q: Will old meeting invite links and numbers still work for the new web and desktop apps and vice versa? Yes. All old meeting links and call information work with the new web and desktop applications. Additionally, any meeting invites from the new apps will work in the old desktop application.


Q: Are there any new plugins for the new app?

There is a new Google Chrome extension available in the web store. The Google Chrome extension for Lifesize will automatically update if you have it installed. If you don’t yet have the Chrome extension, you will need to install it to share your screen and schedule meetings.


Feature Parity and Differences

Q: Does the new desktop app have feature parity with the old desktop app?

There are several new features and enhancements in the new Lifesize app. However, there are a few parity features that won’t be available at the time of launch. We have plans to enable the following features post launch.

  • Ability to adjust the microphone volume
  • Hotkeys
  • Ability to pop out the presentation in the desktop app (coming very soon).
  • In call statistics


Q: What are the differences between the old app and the new app?


User Interface and Navigation
  • New design.
  • Global search with smart matching.
  • Collapsible side navigation.
  • Separate directories for contacts, meetings and room systems.
  • Removed “Invite” from the side navigation and replaced this functionality with the call and schedule buttons on the home page.
  • Home screen with a list of recently missed or attended calls, favorites and quick links to make a call or schedule a meeting.
  • Consistent user experience between the web app and desktop app with feature parity.
  • Organized chat history by meetings and contacts.
  • Chat history now shows the presence status for contacts (available, do not disturb and offline).
  • Link to Lifesize Record and Share moved from the left navigation to the right activity panel on the home screen for customers with Record and Share.
Making and Receiving Calls
  • The app will prompt you to check your camera, microphone and speaker settings before receiving calls or joining a meeting as a guest.
  • Quickly call someone who is not in your directory by entering the extension, video address or IP address from the call screen.
  • Schedule or start a video or audio only call from a chat. Previously you could only start a video call from a chat.
  • One-click access to call, chat and schedule a meeting by hovering over any contact, meeting or room system throughout the app.
Meeting and Presentation Enhancements
  • Users can see a list of all meeting participants and who is actively sharing a presentation or screen.
  • More powerful moderator controls to mute all or individual participants or end the call for all or individual participants.
  • Setting a moderator is now required for each meeting and will be the meeting owner by default.
  • While in a call, Guests and participants can view call details including the meeting link, extension, phone numbers, video address and moderator.
  • While in an active meeting or call, users can chat outside of the meeting or schedule another meeting.
  • Dual streaming of the presentation and participants in both the web app and desktop app (previously only available in the desktop app).
  • Resize the presentation feed in both the web app and desktop app (previously only available in the desktop app).
  • Simple controls to add participants in a meeting.
  • Significant improvements in call and presentation quality.
  • Change your video and audio controls during a call in both the desktop and web app.
Added Value and Flexibility
  • One time deployment: self-updating desktop app that does not require admin updates.
  • In-app product tutorials, help and new feature notifications.
  • Native 443 tunneling.
  • Configurable Windows MSI file for enterprise deployments.
  • Translated in 4 new languages including Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese and Czech.


Support Resources

Q: Where can I find training on the new app?

Sign up for a training session through Lifesize University.


Q: Do you have documentation on the new app?

Yes. You can access the new app help files from


Q: Do you have a help system in the app?

Yes. Selecting the question mark from the top navigation will allow you to search for guided tours, videos and product help articles.


Q: Where can I submit feedback or report issues about the new app?