Presentation Improvements for Lifesize Desktop App Users

Document created by aetheridge Employee on Jan 3, 2018Last modified by aetheridge Employee on Mar 7, 2018
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Lifesize has made several updates to improve the experience for Lifesize desktop app users. Since the release of the new Lifesize desktop app, we have gathered a lot of constructive feedback from customers about their experience using the new app and critical issues they may have encountered. 


We recently released several fixes to address presentation issues reported by Lifesize desktop app users on Windows. These fixes include:

  • Certain applications that were shown as black thumbnails when initiating a presentation will now share correctly.
  • When an application such as Excel or PowerPoint is selected to share, content changes due to scrolling or advancing slides will now share correctly to all viewers instead of freezing.
  • When an application that is being shared in a dual monitor setup is minimized, the application will continue to be shared and not show the second screen instead.
  • If the shared application is behind a Lifesize window or other application window, the application will now continue to be shared and will not freeze upon continued app activity such as scrolling, advancing slides, etc.


Additionally, we have made a few enhancements to improve the experience when sharing your screen while using the Lifesize desktop app on a macOS or Windows device.

  • When a user shares a specific PowerPoint file, then starts the slide show presentation, Lifesize will now share the slide show presentation instead of the edit view of the PowerPoint file.
  • Desktop users can now choose to hide the screen sharing toolbar that displays at the top when sharing their screen. To adjust your settings in the desktop app, from the top navigation menu, select Lifesize > Settings > Show Screen Sharing Toolbar.


If you have not yet switched to the new Lifesize desktop app, be sure to uninstall the old app and download the new version here. For details on the issues fixed, refer to the release notes.