Coming Soon: Direct Media for Lifesize Clients

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UPDATE: Phased release for direct media has started. Refer to the community post for more information


Lifesize will soon support direct media for point-to-point calling on Lifesize clients. With this release, point-to-point calls will route media (audio, video and content) through your company’s network instead of relaying media through the Lifesize cloud-based service.


Point-to-Point Calls

Point-to-Point WITHOUT Direct MediaPoint-to-Point WITH Direct Media


Connecting through your network, when possible, lowers bandwidth and improves latency. The direct route avoids unnecessary usage of your Internet connection. Additionally, internal calls become even more secure because the packets never leave your intranet. The signaling traffic will still route to Lifesize, but represents only a small amount of data compared to media.


If the point-to-point call escalates, the call will automatically relay the media to the Lifesize network without any delay or interruption.


Escalating from Point-to-Point Direct Media



For point-to-point calls made outside of your network, Lifesize will first attempt to route media directly depending on the firewall configuration of the outside caller. If direct media is not possible, media in this scenario will relay through the Lifesize network.


The first phase of the direct media release will support point-to-point calls between the new Lifesize web and desktop apps. Support for direct media is not available for the old Lifesize desktop app. If you are still using the old desktop app, be sure to download the new app to take advantage of the bandwidth and latency improvements that direct media provides.


Support for direct media on the Lifesize Icons will be available later this year.


For customers with firewall rules in place, there is an additional port that needs to be opened before March 15, 2018 to avoid possible disruption of the Lifesize service. For more information on configuring your firewall for direct media, click here.


For customers without firewall rules in place, nothing needs to be done to enable direct media for your account. Once released, point-to-point calls, using the Lifesize clients, will relay media directly.


If your network is not optimized for direct media or you have questions around network requirements, contact Lifesize support.

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