Mandatory Lifesize Icon Upgrade Coming Soon

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Lifesize Icon version 3.6.0 will be released to cloud-based customers on Monday, March 19, 2018. Customers with Lifesize Icons paired to the Lifesize cloud-based service will be required to update to the latest version to avoid interruption of the Lifesize service.


What do I need to do?

If you are on the latest Icon version and are regularly upgrading your Lifesize Icon with each release, there is nothing you need to do differently. Your Lifesize Icon will automatically update if connected to the internet. Please allow the update to automatically install.


Lifesize will post a notice to the Lifesize status page at least 24 hours prior to the release of Lifesize Icon version 3.6.0. Please subscribe to this page to receive notifications.


Why is the update required?

Lifesize is updating its SSL certificate in order to comply with new security standards that will be released with the next version of Google Chrome. The SSL certificate used in older versions of the Lifesize Icon will no longer be supported after the release of Icon version 3.6.0.


Why keep your Icon version current?

Lifesize Icons that are paired to the cloud-based service will automatically update when a new version is released. However, if you keep your device disconnected from the internet, or choose to ignore the upgrade when prompted, the Icon will not update to the latest version, which can negatively impact the performance and reliability of the device.


Reasons to keep your Icon version current:

  • NEW FEATURES: Lifesize has released several new features and enhancements with each Icon version. Below are the highlights from previous Icon releases including what’s to come with version 3.6.0. For additional details, read the Lifesize Icon release notes.
    • Version 3.6.0 (coming soon):
      • Icon version 3.6.0 will bring support for more customization options for Lifesize Phone HD in a future Admin Console release. Additional Icon enhancements include remote pairing, proxy setup capabilities and an adjustment to the default audio output.
    • Version 3.5.0:
      • Improved the participant list, end call buttons, do not disturb function, and moderator rules.
    • Version 3.4.0:
      • Reduced the PIP size in a call so that it does not cover another participant in the tile layout. o Version 3.3.2: • Improvements to color quality and camera sleep mode.
    • Version 3.3.0:
      • Added moderator mute, support for AZERTY keyboard layout for Phone HD, SIP client changed to use TLSv1.2 (HTTPS, signed cert, and SSH), and presentation quality and camera improvements.
    • Version 3.2.0:
      • Improvements to reduce screen-sharing conflicts. The presentation can no longer be stolen when another participant is sharing their screen.
  • PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS: Each Lifesize release includes important bug fixes and performance improvements that can critically improve the experience for users.


If you have any questions on the upcoming Lifesize Icon release, please email your Lifesize representative or contact support. To receive advanced notice for the Lifesize Icon 3.6.0 release, subscribe to the Lifesize status page here.




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