How To Manually Upgrade your Icon

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These Instructions are for the Icon 400, 450, 600 and 800.

To manually upgrade your Icon, you will first need to make sure that its Maintenance Key is up to date.

To do this, browse to your unit's web interface by going to its IP address. You may see a notification that tells you the site is not secure. Bypass this using whatever method your browser offers.


Once you are to the login page, login with the default login of support, with the password support as well.


Once you are signed in navigate to the Maintenance Tab.


In this tab, open the License Key section and check the Maintenance Key that your unit has loaded. You will need to check its expiration date to make sure the the maintenance key  covers the release date of the firmware you are trying to upload. If the expiration date is in the future, you should be good to update.


If the date is in the past, you may need to update the maintenance key before trying to update your unit's firmware.

Your unit's available firmware and license keys can be found at If you do not already have an account there, signing up and using the site is free.


Once logged into the software portal you can add your serial number to your Product Summary page using the Add option, or do a one-time search using the Get option.


Whichever you choose, follow the serial number to the unit's Serial Number Summary page. This page will show you your maintenance and feature license keys, as well as stand-alone software that is available for you to install. If your Icon is paired to our Cloud service, there will be Cloud firmware builds that are not listed on this page. This is only available for units paired to our Cloud service, but there are firmware versions available to download on Serial Number Summary page.


The license keys listed on this page are text only, so you will not need to download them to add them to your Icon. If you already have an outdated maintenance key listed in your unit's Maintenance Tab, you may need to delete it before trying to add another maintenance key. To do this, select the maintenance key and select the delete option.


Once the old key is removed, you can add the new key by using the Add button, and then pasting a copy of the key into the provided field. 


Pressing the Add button at the bottom will add the key to your unit.


Once your maintenance key is up to date open the System Upgrade section that is also in the Maintenance Tab, and use the Select File button to browse for the firmware that you'd like to install.


Once the firmware version is selected, verify the version, and press the Upload button to start the upgrade process. There is a check box for resetting to defaults, but this should only be used if you intend to factory reset your unit to its factory default settings.


If you have any issues with this process, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.