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All meetings are unique in some way and require versatility in how they are scheduled, accessed and used in Lifesize. To better meet the needs of all meeting types, we are expanding the versatility of the Lifesize virtual meeting rooms (VMRs) with the introduction of one-time meetings.


One-time meetings are a single-use, private meeting space that are hidden from the directory and intended for non-recurring events. With this release, users will have more flexibility to meet how and when they want with the option meet in a persistent collaboration space or a one-time meeting.


Key Benefits of One-time Meetings

  • Non-recurring: Meet one-time in a single-use space that is fit for your non-recurring events.
  • Private: Hide your meetings from your global directory and control who and when participants can join.
  • Quick: Jump into an ad-hoc meeting quickly without all the setup of creating a new meeting space.


Persistent vs. One-time Meetings

Persistent MeetingsOne-time Meetings
Moderator and Lecture ModesYESYES
Support for RecordingYESYES
Support for StreamingYESYES
Optional PasscodeYESYES
Visible in the Global DirectoryYESNO
AvailabilityAlways OnOne-time Use Only
Reusable ExtensionYESNO



Auto DeleteOptional. Auto deletes if inactive for the number of days defined by the Admin.Auto deletes 24-hours after the meeting has started.


Common Use Cases for One-time Meetings

  • Sales Meetings
    • Meetings with customers and prospects
    • Unique extension and call details per customer is needed
    • Meeting details do not need to be listed in the global directory 
  • Secure Meetings
    • Private conversations that should be hidden from the global directory
    • Only participants with the invite should have access to join
  • Ad hoc Meetings
    • Non-recurring meetings that occur once and don't require a persistent meeting room

Early Access to One-time Meetings in the Outlook Add-in

One-time meetings are now available in the Lifesize Outlook add-in for customers who opt-in to early access of this add-on feature. Highlighted below are the new features that are included during the free trial of one-time meetings.


Flexible Scheduling

  • Choose to schedule an existing persistent meeting, create a new persistent meeting or schedule a one-time meeting in Outlook.
  • If one-time meetings are not enabled, the schedule one-time meeting option will not show in the dropdown menu.


Quick to Invite

  • Create a meeting invite with one click from the Lifesize buddy icon shown in the Outlook home ribbon.
  • The shortcut button instantly creates a one-time meeting invite for customers with one-time meetings enabled for their account.


Private Meetings with More Control

  • Create a new meeting that is hidden from the directory.
  • Extensions are randomized and unique to each one-time meeting you create.
  • Only send invites to the people you want to join the meeting.
  • Meetings are deleted after the meeting has ended – preventing unintended use outside of the scheduled event.


One-time Meetings in the App

  • View, edit or join a one-time meeting from your Meetings directory in the Lifesize app if you are the meeting moderator or meeting owner.


Streaming One-time Meetings

  • One-time meetings can be enabled for streaming from the Admin Console if your account is enabled with Lifesize Live Stream.



AVAILABLE NOW: Early Access to One-time Meetings in the Lifesize Outlook Add-in

One-time meetings are now available in the Lifesize Outlook add-in for customers who opt-in to the free trial of this new add-on feature. Contact your Lifesize representative if you are interested in scheduling one-time meetings in the Lifesize Outlook add-in during the early access period at no additional cost. The one-time meetings add-on is an account level feature. Once enabled, all users who have the latest version of the Lifesize Outlook add-in will have access to schedule one-time meetings in Outlook during this trial period only.


COMING SOON: Full Release - Schedule One-time Meetings in the Lifesize App

The complete release will include support for scheduling one-time meetings in the Lifesize web and desktop apps and will be available soon. After the full release of one-time meetings, the early access period will end and only customers who have purchased the one-time meetings add-on will have the ability to schedule one-time meetings in the Lifesize web and desktop apps and in the Lifesize Outlook add-in.


Additional Resources

For more information contact your Lifesize representative or review the resources below.

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