Debugging Call Flow on Lifesize WebApp / Desktop Client

Document created by akrishnamohan Support on Jul 26, 2018
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  • Before starting with debugging, we need to enable verbose logging on our clients. Right-click on the browser and go to Inspect > Application > Local Storage > add the Keys as below:



  • Verify that Firewall test is returning 'True'. (We need to run this test to make sure clients can reach our Turn Servers over UDP/3478. In else case, we mark client as non-direct media and route calls from this client to legacy infra)



  • Beginning of a Galaxy Call


  • WAMP_SEND Request to for a Call followed by Success


  • Verify that GetRelayServers request is succeeding


  • Calling Action of a Call


  • Call TRYING Message


  • Call RINGING Message


  • Call CONNECTED Message