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When sharing your screen from Google Chrome on your desktop machine, it's possible to also send the audio from your device alongside.


After initially connecting to the Lifesize Share in your Chrome browser, select the "Share your screen" option. From there, you'll be presented with a window to select what it is you'd like to display. The options are as follows...

  • Share "Your Entire Screen"
  • Share a specific "Application Window"
  • Share a "Chrome Tab"


When both sharing "Your Entire Screen" or sharing a specific "Chrome Tab" you have the option to also send presentation audio alongside. Below I've included some screen shots, with some highlights showing where the "Share audio" options are available. Please note, it is not possible to send content audio when sharing a specific "Application Window", as indicated below.


1. Sharing "Your Entire Screen". 

[EDIT: Mac OSX users don't have the "Share audio" option when sharing the entire screen, this is only available on Windows desktops]


2. Sharing a specific "Application Window".


3. Sharing a "Chrome Tab".


On Windows desktop machines, you'll see a new audio application name "Lifesize Share - Google Chrome" which is the Lifesize Chrome Extension that's able to capture the audio from the local machine.



Obviously for Apple users, there's the option of using AirPlay which also sends audio alongside the screen-share content.


I hope you find this information useful.




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