Setting Up Kiosk Mode for Lifesize Dash

Document created by sallen Employee on Nov 15, 2018
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Step-by-step guide

To setup Kiosk mode you will first need to configure the Device setting in your Google Enterprise account.

Sign in to to configure.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Chrome Management
  2. Select Device Settings
  3. Under Kiosk Settings click on Manage Kiosk Applications.
  4. Search for the Lifesize Dash app in the Chrome Web Store. Or you can manually enter the info below under "Specify Custom App"

ID = fdblmhjhmdkejipglnfkhnbdbgkpbjep


  1. Click Save.
  2. Set Public Session Kiosk to “Do Not Allow” and Auto-Launch Kiosk App to “Lifesize Dash”.  Setting should look like example below


Once you have configured the device settings for your group you will need to enroll the Chromebox to your enterprise account.  Once enrolled it will automatically use the settings configured above and boot directly to the Dash App.

If your device has been setup previously you will need to factory reset.  Follow the instructions here -


To enroll your device:

  1. Turn on the Chrome device and follow the on-screen instructions until you see the sign-in screen. Don't sign in yet. If you see the enrollment screen instead of the sign-in screen, go to Step 4.
  2. Choose an option to get to the enrollment screen:
  3. Press Ctrl+Alt+E.
  4. Click More options   Enterprise enrollment
  5. Enter the username and password from your Google admin welcome letter or for a Google Account that has eligibility to enroll.
  6. If prompted, enter the asset ID and location and click Next.
  7. When you get a confirmation message that the device is successfully enrolled, click Done.