Third Party Endpoints/Stand-Alone Endpoints calling to Cloud Paired units

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It is a common request for end users that have stand alone video conferencing units utilizing SIP/H.323 to call into Lifesize Cloud users and meetings. This is compatible with any system that utilzies H.323 and SIP, including the most popular brands like Polycomm and Cisco. 


To call to a Lifesize Cloud paired endpoint (220 series/Icon series endpoints), Cloud User using the Desktop, Mobile or WebApp or Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) follow the instructions below: 



Determining Best Call Node:


Dial to one of the following Front End Cloud Nodes. Select the node located closest to you. A great way of finding a node with the best connection would be to find the one geographically closest to the end user with the stand alone system. 



Front-End Server

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chennai, India

Dallas, TX USA

Dallas, TX, USA

Dallas, TX, USA

Frankfurt, Germany

Hong Kong

London, England

London, England

Melbourne, Australia

Mexico City, Mexico

Milan, Italy

Paris, France

San Jose, CA, USA

San Jose, CA, USA

São Paulo, Brazil

Toronto, Canada

Washington DC, USA

Washington DC, USA

Washington DC, USA

Washington DC, USA



After finding the closest node, the end user may ping the IP address from a Command Prompt. 


If using Windows 10:

1) Type in "cmd" in the search box and hit enter


In the example below, I am pinging one of our Dallas nodes which is responding back optimally. 




In the example below, I am pinging to our Milan, Italy server node. We are getting a less than desirable response time. We should definitely choose the Dallas node to call to since that node is located closest to me. End users should determine which node has best latency to have the best call experience to Lifesize Cloud users. 




Dialing to Lifesize Cloud Users:


Now we have determined which Front End Node works best for our end user, we can now have them dial our to the node from their stand alone endpoint system. 


Have them dial out to the selected Lifesize Cloud Node with an H.323 dial string and they should get to the Lifesize Cloud Bridge/IVR: 



Once getting to the IVR, they may enter in the extension of the Cloud Paired endpoint, user or VMR and should be connected to the meeting shortly afterwards. 


If there are issues with connections to the IVR from a stand alone system and you are calling to the closest Front End Node, feel free to submit a support ticket at Contact the Lifesize Customer Support Team or call us at our main support line at +877-543-3749.



Thank you, 


David Baker

Global Support Engineer



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