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What is Lifesize Go?

Lifesize Go is a free, fast, and flexible video conferencing service that allows people to connect, communicate, and collaborate without creating an account or downloading an app.


What can I do with Lifesize Go?

  • Start a meeting instantly on your mobile phone or laptop computer
  • Invite people to join by email, SMS text message, or chat
  • Share your screen with people who have joined your call


How can I try Lifesize Go?

Visit go.lifesize.com from your mobile or desktop browser, then enter your name and email address to start a video call.


Can I use Lifesize Go with any browser?
You can use it with Google Chrome (Android, macOS, or Windows), or Apple Safari (iOS or macOS).


How do I start a Lifesize Go call?

You can get started simply by entering your name and email address at go.lifesize.com.


How many people can join my Lifesize Go call?

You can invite up to 7 more people, for a maximum of 8 participants per call.


How do I invite contacts to join my Lifesize Go call?

Once you have started your meeting, tap or click the invite button. From there, you can invite contacts by entering their email address or sharing the invite link via SMS text message or chat.


What controls are available in Lifesize Go?

Once you have started your meeting, you can turn your camera on and off, mute and unmute your audio, invite contacts to join, or end the call. When using the Chrome desktop browser, you also have the option to present and share content.


Is there a limit on the number of calls I can make?

No. Make as many calls as you need!


Is there a time limit on calls?

No. Meet for as long as you like!


Is Lifesize Go secure?

Yes, video conferencing and content sharing with Lifesize Go are both fully encrypted, by default and to the highest standards.


Is support available for Lifesize Go?

Self-service support documentation is available online at lifesize.com/en/help/lifesize-go. Support via chat, email, or phone is not available for Lifesize Go.


Can I use Lifesize Go with other Lifesize products (Icon, Dash, Share, apps, etc.)?

No. Lifesize Go is not interoperable with other Lifesize products.


Can I still sign up for a trial of the paid Lifesize service?

Yes. You can still sign up for a trial of the paid Lifesize service and apps by visiting https://www.lifesize.com/en/video-conferencing-app/trial


All FAQ information is considered current as of June 2019 and is subject to change without notice.