UVC Multipoint conference Room

Idea created by skythespy Support on Feb 2, 2015
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    • mmoszynski
    • jgonzalez

    I have been getting a lot of feedback from our clients that as from a

    >VC end point they need to be able to far end camera control while they

    >are in a UVC Multipoint call.


    >One scenario is within the health area when a team of specialist would

    >be videoed in by the UVC Mulipoint to a Children¹s ICU bay to assist

    >and assess the patient and require controlling the far end camera to

    >zoom in on the patient and monitoring systems.


    >I understand that Far End Camera Control of participants in UVC

    >Multipoint has been a supported feature since UVC MP 1.6.0. When you go

    >to participants setting and go to Snap Shot and you will see PTZ

    >control the present. Unfortunately this will not work for this client

    >as their specialist will not have access to this.


    >Thanks Wayne