Enhancement request: The ability to disable “Invite New Users to Join Lifesize Cloud” option in Lifesize application

Idea created by dcoleman@mansonconstruction.com on Feb 17, 2015
    • mmoszynski
    • jimfahey
    • btay
    • sallen

    Users without console access (non-Admin users) can “Invite New Users to Join Lifesize Cloud” (thus creating a licensed account) via the Lifesize client.  For example, if I invite a new user and send the Invite to Join to that user, a Lifesize account is created when I log in as that user.  Then, as that user, I can send an Invite to Join to another user.  Then I can log in as that third user, which creates another Lifesize account.  Etc., etc. 


    The problem with this is that there is nothing preventing end-users from inviting others (internal or external to our company) to join our “cloud” thus populating our Directory and using up Licenses (which costs us money).  There should be an option to hide or disable this “Invite New Users to Join Lifesize Cloud” feature from the Lifesize client so that companys can have more administrative control over their environment.