Feature request: function/tool to verify required network connectivity on Lifesize-based solutions

Idea created by bgg Partner on Feb 20, 2015
    Pending Review

    One of the biggest pains while helping customers implementing their Lifesize-based solution today is network/firewall related troubleshooting.

    Lifesize should create both built-in and standalone tools to help diagnose problems of this nature.


    Consider a few basic implementations and their network requirements:

    • ICON 600 standalone to/from Internet
    • ICON 600 in an on-premise installation / towards UVC platform
    • ICON 600 in Lifesize Cloud towards Cloud Nodes
    • Computer with Lifesize Cloud Client towards Cloud Nodes


    In all of the above scenarios, consider the customers firewall admin saying everything has been checked, and that he's made no mistakes configuring the firewall/network.

    But - it's not working. You're 100% sure he made a mistake somewhere, but it's almost impossible to find out where.


    SOLUTION: A function/tool to test the required network connectivity!


    * The test should of course be able to cover all the above scenarios

    * The test should result in a report aimed at the firewall admin clearly indicating which ports/functions are working/not working and in what direction


    Some things that could be tested are:

    - Network reachable (i.e on IP-level can "Internet" or the server be reached? Means IP, netmask, GW is working)

    - DNS working

    - NTP working

    - Required ports in all directions open / working

    - Firewall proxy interferance testing (does the customer have a H.323 proxy that is a problem etc)


    This is probably a client/server solution where the server just answers the tests that the client tries to perform. At least for the port/proxy parts.


    This should probably be implemented in several places:

    * ICON 600 (client component)

    * UVC-platform (server component)

    * Standalone PC/Windows tool (client component). This would be required at times where the network connectivity needs to be tested before the ICON 600 gets there

    * Lifesize Cloud tool (server component)