Enhancements to ICON Inital Setup Menu

Idea created by mkluge Partner on Mar 12, 2015
    Pending Review

    Hi Lifesize,


    when configuring an ICON initially, most of the important settings are done by the initial setup menu via the remote control.

    But every time I installed an ICON, I have missed these two points which made it necessary to log in via web browser:

    - setting the time format to 24 hrs

    - setting the audio output to Phone or Line-Out


    It would be great to see these options in the initial setup menu.

    The time format whould be a great addition to language and time zone.

    Changing the audio output is necessary for test calls to hear the voice. The default setting is HD Out which is not a good choice in my opinion, since most of the tv screens were muted, do not deliver a satisfying audio quality or don't have speakers (e.g. PC monitors, projectors, ...). So for the most of our installations we are selling separate speakers or using the Phone as audio device.


    Thanks and best regards