FR: H.239 / BFCP content as regular videostream

Idea created by henrikr Partner on Mar 24, 2015
    Pending Review
    • henrikr
    • bdinnerv
    • jgonzalez

    When all locations are in front of a single display, in some situation within a multipoint conference the user wanna to have a really "mixed experience" also when content is shown.

    In a UVC multipoint hosted H.239 / BFCP conference it is not possible to arrange the layout in this way that content is the biggest screen and all participants are at the bottom stripe.

    In a endpoint hosted mutlipoint conference this is possible because the mcu is on the host themself.

    The solution could be that H.239 / BFCP content will be handled by the UVC multipoint as a standard video stream if the user want to. ;-)