Possibility to lock meetings in UVC Multipoint

Idea created by andre.prakash Partner on Mar 26, 2015
    Not Currently Considered
    • mmoszynski
    • andre.prakash
    • henrikr
    • jgonzalez
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    • mleib
    • psudanov@solidex.by

    I know this has already been discussed on the "old" Partner Exchange, but as several customers ask for this feature I wanted to bring it up again.


    There should be a possibility to lock a meeting hosted on an UVC Multipoint as soon as all participants have joined. This should be possible from the admin interface and from any endpoint connected to the conference. For integrated systems it would be preferable to have a button on the Phone 2nd to lock/unlock meeting.

    But enabling/disabling it with DTMF should be possible as well for non-integrated and 3rd Party systems.