[Feature Request on Client App] Adding "Start date and time" and "Duration" for metting rooms

Idea created by ysawamura on Mar 30, 2015
    Not Currently Considered
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    • ysawamura

    One of our customer came up whether we can reserve the meeting extension number to prevent users to accidentally calling to the wrong conference number and just waiting until someone calls his cell phone.

    This would also reduce unnecessary resource on our Cloud as well.


    The scenario which the customer is trying to do is:

    1. Reserve a meeting with a pin number in certain date and time.

    2. Inform the conference number to the attendee including guests.

    3. Have the conference number inactive until the date and time comes to prevent users to accidentally dailin in.

    4. When the date and time comes everybody connects to the meeting room.

    5. After the the durations (or after the last participant leaves) meeting rooms gets deleted automatically.


    Customer is imagining something like this:

    スクリーンショット 2015-03-29 1.38.13.png