Video Center - Launch Page Request **People Missing Live Streams**

Idea created by Partner on Apr 8, 2015
    Not Currently Considered

    With Video Center at present, if a customer sends a URL to remote parties that wish to watch a live stream and the participant clicks on the URL prior to the start of the presentation, they still need to refresh their browser at the designated start time, or else they will miss the presentation.


    I'd like to suggest that we can provide a URL to the participants in the field, and if they click on it … even two weeks prior to the event, they are greeted with a ‘launch page’ showing them the details of the meeting, such that they know the link is active. This link may also contain a ‘test my connection / test my browser’ URL , or a ‘test my speakers’ button. As soon as the presenter starts to present, the presentation window goes live.


    We have recently lost a couple of deals because of the lack of this feature.


    Further, it would be great if this 'launch page' was able to be customized with end user logos etc.