Video Contact Center via WebRTC

Idea created by ltonon on Apr 13, 2015
    Not Currently Considered
    • jgonzalez
    • bdinnerv
    • jwinterbottom
    • rglaser

    Simple Contact Center functionality can serve companies internal demand (as IT) as well as reaching incredible customer experience for SMB (Not targeting full CC market).



    - Featuring one cloud extension number per cloud account to reach a defined group of users.

    - Cloud users can sign in as agent. An agent can set himself as busy or available. That may be reached by only entering a special meeting room.

    - Customers call in via WebRTC.

    - A call to a Cloud contact center extension should call the agents that are signed/available in cyclic mode.

    - Calls are distributed to agents that are not on other calls.

    - When agents are all busy calls should be queued on video attendant text messaging(music and customized video can be optional).

    - When call is  queued customer may decide to leave a recorded video message with a contact number for later reach.



    Companies may expose CALL ME button powered by Lifesize on their web sites.