Localised Phone Numbers in Cloud

Idea created by tim.lourey@careflight.org on Apr 20, 2015

    I would like to suggest with the cloud platform, if the Directory information for a user has the country attribute set, the audio dial in number that is shown for that user is the dial in number in that country, rather than ALWAYS showing the US Number.


    This would apply in:


    While I don't know if we can set the country attribute for a device, we should be able to so that when my end users press the i button on the speaker phone, they don't see the US number, they see the Australian number (or whatever country the device is in).


    While the link is always provided to the International numbers page, you can't click that from a Lifesize (speaker) phone.


    We should be able to have the Dial in number for that Country easily available, rather than having to go look for it.


    Another way might be to have a preferred dial in number attribute for each vc unit and user. This way if you have multiple numbers or regional numbers in one country, you can select which one is best for a specific device and that would be reflected again in meeting invites, the meeting web screens, in the cloud device and on the device's speaker phone screen itself.





    (In Australia)