live streaming issue when video participants disconnect

Idea created by jwinterbottom on May 6, 2015
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    We ran a live stream from an icon 600 a couple months back and we ran into an odd issue that I spoke to support about.  This particular live stream had a portion at the beginning in which a guest speaker connected via clearsea.  When the guest speaker disconnected from the call, local video from the icon 600 disappeared and the rest of the live stream was just displaying content from the Icon 600.  I figured this was a bug but I was told that this is done by design and the only way to start sharing video again would be to start and stop the live stream.  If this is the case, I would like this feature to be reconsidered.  From an administrators standpoint it is a logistical nightmare to stop a live stream part way through an event.  Also... this forces us to edit the recording back to a single file for easy playback.  When a video participant leaves a call that is being live streamed, why should that disable local video of the endpoint that initiates the live stream?