USB via LifesizeLink - Icon Flex

Idea created by bdinnerv Partner on May 6, 2015
    Not Currently Considered
    • mmoszynski
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    Hi all,


    Not sure if this is going to happen or if it is possible but it would be great if the Icon Flex + Phone would support USB via the LifeSize Link connection - this would allow a single cable between the desk / phone location and the codec instead of having to run the Link cable and a USB cable with the added benefit that you could use Link Adapters to extend reach of USB rather than using USB hubs / extenders.


    In this scenario, you would have the Icon Flex connected to the display via HDMI and a single Link cable running back to the desk where users would use the existing USB port on Phone 2nd Gen to connect to their PC / Client - the Phone / Link cable / Flex would emulate USB over Link cable and provide a really tidy and seamless way of users using the system. Not sure about the technical limitations of the Link interface but would be good if it could be used for something good like this rather than just being a proprietary cable that breaks easily