Windows Phone Cloud App

Idea created by plaakmann Expert on May 19, 2015
    Not Currently Considered

    Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,


    during calls, demos and discussions I had with our customers and resellers on what they expect LifeSize to develop I quiet often came across the request for a Windows Phone Cloud App.

    As there is a growing market and at least in germany several companies provided WPs to their employees already, I think creating an App would be worth considering.


    Creating an App for the thoroughly competent LS dev team might be more interesting from Windows Phone 10 on though, but for WP 8(.1) it sure would be very welcome among your customers.

    I am a Windows Phone enthusiast myself (shame on me ) and would like to see an app for it myself.


    Kind regards,


    Patrick Laakmann


    eLink Distribution AG


    (BTW: Feel free to move this poll to a different topic if it doesn´t fit.)