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Idea created by mphelan on May 29, 2015
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    We recently decided to upgrade our old LifeSize Passport units to LifeSize Icon 400 systems, as a user of the BlueJeans network the LifeSize units we had in place worked well however they have begin to age and fail.


    After a few false starts we have managed to get the units working, however dialling on to the BlueJeans network is a bit of a bind. You can do this yourself by attempting to dial BJN.VC yourself, although you wont have a meeting ID and passcode you will see what I mean


    • Use the remote control to navigate to “Call”
    • Press the Center button three times to select “BlueJeansNet” (we have it set up as a favourite)
    • Press Dial as Video
    • You will then be dialled in to the BlueJeans service

    Simple enough so far, but now we have to enter a 10 digit meeting ID, followed by a 4-6 digit Passcode.

    • On the remote press the Up control to activate the menu, then press the right arrow until the keyboard is selected
    • Press the down arrow to select the on screen number entry, then use the left and right arrows to navigate the numbers. Press the center button to select each number and type in your meeting ID, remembering to end with the # symbol
    • Repeat the process to enter the appropriate passcode.


    so that's a total of up to 50 touches on the remote for each dial in (moving around the numbers)


    With the Passport, it was 18 max...


    We would like to have available either

    1. A more advanced remote with number entry (not the phones, they are too big in this instance)
    2. A firmware update that allows the older Passport remote to be used with the Icon system (Probably cheaper in the long run ;o)


    Many Thanks for reading


    Mark Phelan