Multiparty calls on Dual Displays

Idea created by davidtj on Jun 3, 2015
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    When a multiparty call is established on a Lifesize system connected to dual displays, could we perhaps separate the two callers rather than having them all on the main/one screen?

    Obviously this would work when there is no Presentation.


    So for example if I am in Germany and I place a call to someone in Singapore and to someone in Australia, have them on separate screens.


    Screen 1
    Screen 2
    Caller from SingaporeCaller from Australia


    At the moment, having all the callers on Screen 1 in a multiparty call is not the best especially if the screen size is small and the callers are displayed in small boxes (based on the layout).  If there is no presentation, the 2nd screen is blank and is just a waste not to utilise it.


    Obviously once a presentation is initiated, then move the caller/s from Screen 2 to Screen 1.