LifeSize Cloud iPhone app - PIN entry more friendly

Idea created by bprandall on Jun 11, 2015
    • bprandall
    • bdinnerv

    Hi all


    I have a thought/request for the Lifesize Cloud iPhone App. For users joining meetings that have a PIN, it can be a bit annoying for them to have to tap the ellipsis then tap Display Number Pad (if they even know that that's how they type a PIN - for many of our callers, this is their first foray into virtual meeting rooms). Here are some ideas on how to fix:


    1. Simplest - Get rid of the ellipsis icon and just make the number pad icon always visible. Even on my iPhone 6 Plus with its huge screen, I still have to access this through the ellipsis, which is just a waste of space/screen-taps.


    2. Even better - make the meeting process more intuitive. The cloud app should know that it's joined a meeting that requires a PIN. It should pop up a PIN dialog immediately, rather than waiting for the user to go through the steps to bring up a number pad.


    Also, the number pad that shows up is not optimal from a UX perspective. The number buttons should be bigger. You have these massive icons in the Lifesize Cloud app (directory, meetings, mute microphone, etc) and then tiny number buttons. The interface should be more consistent and more Apple-friendly (e.g. use Apple's numeric keyboard for PIN entry). I realise from using the various Lifesize Cloud apps that the desire is for a consistent experience across devices but that isn't what users want. Users know that an app on a desktop is going to feel different to an app on a mobile and the experience needs to be tailored to the platform (i.e. responsive design - not just scaling down, but making changes to the flow to improve usability).


    Hopefully these thoughts make sense!