Lifesize Video - disabling the auto start of the camera on the launch of the App.

Idea created by rick Support on Jun 25, 2015
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    I'm creating the feature request for a customer. They have migrated to the new UVC Platform 3.0.0 and don't like the fact that the App auto launches the camera when the application is launched. In the old Clearsea Application, the directory would launch and the camera was never engaged until a call was placed or received.



    Could we create a toggle or enable option to launch the Lifesize Video application with camera off until a call is placed and received? Example below.



    Also, once call is disconnected the application should go back to no camera mode with little or no delay. Even during a chat session, the camera is still persistent yet only showing camera image at half opacity. Some end users us the chat option heavily and don't want the camera in a constant state of being on unless the camera is needed for a video call. Is this a feature that can be integrated into the new LIfesize Video on a future software update? There may be others that would like to see this feature in a future release of the Cloud application as well?