Azure Active Directory Integration - Single Sign On for Business

Idea created by eyapalak on Jun 26, 2015


    I really appreciate your effort for the integration of Lifesize Cloud and Lync / Skype for Business.

    This makes the work of a Lync / Skype for Business user really easier and most importantly more smooth.

    Great step to integrate the strength of both world and a Feature well seen from the End-User.


    Next step for me would be to make the life of the administrators and End Users easier by giving the possibility for Single Sign ON for End-User and easier and central User Management for the Administrator by enabling Integration for Active Directory over Azure Active Directory.

    A lot of company using already for user management AD and a big drift is seen on the Business using Cloud solution from MS (Office 365, …) or other companies like Salesforce ... and here are Azure AD already used for Single Sign ON.


    Advantage End-User:

    One Account and Password to login on Windows and Lifesize Cloud

    Advantage Administrator:

    Only one location to manage user and manage access to Lifesize Cloud


    It would be great to see Lifesize Cloud also on the list of supported Apps for Single Sign ON with Azure AD



    Best regards