Icon 600 dual Display Layout options

Idea created by ampeterson Support on Jul 2, 2015
    Pending Review

    I had a customer who had recently purchased a dual screen license for their Icon 800 that was disappointed by the functionality of the second screen. The customer had hoped that they could have active speakers switch between screens much like had been the case on the 220s. The customer is aware of the Lecturer mode available in the most recent release of Cloud.


    I am proposing a feature request for a potential Active Speaker - Presenter, dual screen option. This would allow for a Presenter to actively populate one screen, and the participants to populate the second display. Additionally, the active speaker can populate the second display over the other participants to allow for an immersive, Q&A style setup. It would also be beneficial if the user could have more dynamic control of the layout options once the meeting has started on a Multipoint meeting. This has caused a good deal of frustration for end users purchasing second screens for their Icon devices.


    Any feedback for other potential video switching, dual screen options would be greatly appreciated.