A common question pushing itself as feature request - End-point registered to Cloud, can it be reachable from corporate network?

Idea created by mmwaseem Partner on Jul 14, 2015
    Pending Review

    A common question keep coming is while the end-point is registered to LifeSize Cloud, can it be reachable from other end-points (any H.323 or SIP enabled) reside within their LAN (not going through Internet). There are number of valid reasons end-user would like to retain this ability (existing video conferencing setup, complex network policies, multi-vendor environment etc). The answer everybody knows, fundamentally it's not possible. Resetting and Re registering to Cloud is temporary work around, however this is a bit of obstacle in fluid adaptation. 


    I would like to have your (community members) and LifeSize (product management team) feedback and also what do you think whether this is credible enough to push as feature request in first place.


    Note: I tried to search similar feature request, idea or question, did not get any result. If someone has already initiated this topic, I think we better merge this together. I'm keeping this discussion in editable mode, whoever wish to brush-up this please go ahead and do that.