Specified settings for meeting rooms on CSS or SIP registration of MCU conference rooms on CSS would be nice!

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    Hi all,


    we encountered a problem with ClearSea Server integrated with UVC MCU.




    CSS dual NIC installation (LAN/WAN)

    UVC MCU (LAN only)


    Calls to permanent MCU rooms from WAN side have to be forwarded ether by a rule, or with a dummy account on css and mcu room set as associated device.

    so far, so good ...

    BUT, if the calling device from WAN side is NOT registered to CSS Server, the forwarding does not work and calls get terminated.


    I know, that meeting rooms created on CSS work fine for external callers, but there are no separate settings for layout, resolution etc. possible, despite the global configuration for meeting rooms.


    So, what we tried was to create a permanent room on our MCU with some special settings (1080p30/lecturer, ...) and called it from a software client.

    Connection works fine, as the client is registered to CSS.

    Also a second client connected just fine.

    Now i established a direct call from the first client towards an external icon 600 connected to LS cloud.


    Due to the auto escalation feature, an ad hoc meeting room was created next to our particular lecture room on MCU.

    The issue occurring due to this process would be:

    With the two SW client, the Icon 600 and also the first permanent MCU conference are blocking 5 ports with 3 devices ...


    please watch the screencast for details:




    ls-video-android (LS Video on Android)

    ls-video-win (LS Video on Windows)

    eLink- Hamburg (Icon 600 an LS Cloud)

    1061 – AutoescalationCascade (permanent MCU Room)

    1067 – Autoescalated room after second call of ls-video-win


    Calling history:


    Ls-video-win -> direct call to permanent MCU room 1061

    Ls-video-android -> direct call to permanent MCU room 1061


    Both participants are connected to room 1061


    Ls-video-win -> calls elink – hamburg


    CSS auto escalation creates ad hoc meeting room on mcu and the following scenario is happening:


    room 1061:




    room 1067

              Elink – Hamburg


                        room 1061 (cascade)





    Many of our customers requesting the feature to either register the conference rooms as SIP-device to ClearSea Server, or to have the same options for CSS meetings and not only global settings for all meeting rooms/autoescalation.

    it is hard to argue, that they have to NAT their mcu to a public IP, if they want to have full features for external partners too.