Amplify video access restrictions

Idea created by fkettel Expert on Jul 27, 2015
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    Hi all,


    after testing the new Amplify feature for a few days, we found two important points, that in our opinion might be of interest.


    First point is, that if i record a video as a non-console-access user, I can define other accounts to also view my recorded content.

    Unfortunately those invited also have the permission to delete content without the owners approval.



    Second point is, that Cloud Admins are always allowed to view all content of all users!

    Imagine, there is a board member meeting recorded, where confidential information will be discussed.

    As a Cloud Admin, I will be able to view, download, delete and even share this information, even if i am not defined as a viewer.


    Maybe, a possible solution for the last topic would be to only display icons instead of video thumbnails for content one is not allowed to view.

    And also to prevent lacking confidential data but still enable Cloud Admins to delete videos in case they run out of storage.