Lifesize Cloud Landing Page UX

Idea created by skythespy Support on Jul 29, 2015
    Pending Review

    Rather than having a bunch of whitespace at the top and the audio, video,

    and Lync/Skype links at the bottom, move them all up to the top and, from

    left to right, present buttons for: Web Browser, Video System, Phone, and

    then Lync/Skype. All of these things should be visible in a small browser

    window without scrolling.


    When you're in Chrome, you can just go ahead and call through the browser

    without downloading software. That's great. I'd like to request a clearer

    landing page and clear recommendation that users use Chrome if they want to

    connect without downloading software. You could even use a special link to

    Launch chrome if the user is in Safari, Opera, and other browsers.


    Referring to Audio as "Phone" might be a bit clearer for most users who

    would be dialing in over phone. And video would be much clearer as "Room