Feature Request - Merge of many cloud meeting rooms. aka Waiting or Green Rooms

Idea created by ipcadmin on Jul 31, 2015
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    @Currently our business uses the Life-Size Video Conferencing in the following manner. We host meetings with Advisors, Clients and Money Managers.

    All 3 could potentially be in different locations. The Advisors and Clients are NOT registered cloud users. These callers are using other 3rd party devices Cisco, Polycom, take your pick, apps and or Chrome to connect in to the conferences as a Guest User.

    On premise - ICON 600 Registered Cloud Device - This device connects to a cloud virtual meeting room that is password protected. Ability to accept 25 guest users in the meeting.


    IPC Host will already have called in to the meeting room. Advisor y will call in to the meeting room using the cloud extension and passcode. Client x will call in using creds.

    At a specified time, Money Manager z will call in to the same meeting room with passcode and do their presentation, 10 min, and then drop off the call. Money Manager p will then call in, 10 min presentation and drop off. This call can include approx. 5 unregistered users at 1 time depending on the nature of the call.


    Currently the issue that we are running in to is that we have no way to manage when the Money Managers or Callers come in to the meeting. We give them the extension of the meeting room and passcode. They are instructed to dial in to the call at a specific If the meeting in progress goes over by 5 min the Money Manager is literally "breaking the door" down of the conference room with no formal type of introduction.


    We are looking for the capability of having Managers and whoever ells for that matter, dial in to independent meeting rooms an or a "waiting room" from which we can then merge the callers in to  the existing HOST meeting room and then again drop the meeting or our host registered ICON end the merged call.


    As a work around to this issue, we have tried the following options.

    1. Having the callers call the direct extension of the registered ICON device. From that point we as the host of the call can deny or accept the call.

         a. again if the meeting goes over allotted time the caller will be unknown of the time gap and have to continue to dial in to that extension until the call is accepted. That is if they continue to call.

    2. We have thought about creating multiple meeting rooms, however then we are jumping from one room to another.


    In a perfect world I would like the ability to be provide, Money Manager "y" with a virtual cloud extension that has the same passcode. This will remain the same for this caller.

    While in the ongoing meeting with the client and the advisor, I would like to be able to merge the meeting rooms together. Or have the waiting room capability and add callers from the waiting room and drop callers as I need.