Feature Request: Add the ability to control or disable paired Icon/220 offline deactivation window

Idea created by mcook Employee on Aug 4, 2015
    Pending Review

    Feature Request:

    Provide the ability for the Lifesize Cloud administrator to control the time window that Icon or 220 series endpoints are permitted to be offline (not registered) before they are deactivated / de-registered from the service. Permitting 30, 60, 90 day or unlimited options as preferences within the Lifesize Cloud web console under "Video Systems" would be a great feature enhancement. In addition the ability to see how long a specific Video System has been "Offline" by showing a call-out under the "status" column, could be a visual cue to the admin that the device has been offline for an extended period, possibly even turning to a red warning when within 14 days of the expiry window selected.


    Rationale / Use-case:

    Certain markets or verticals (like education for example) may have extended periods of time where the Icon or 220 series endpoints are powered off (like summer holiday periods, >6 weeks for example) that are far greater than the default 30 day time window (or extended 45 days window). Currently the 30-day time window is too short for some and could cause challenges during these periods for certain organisations. Allowing the administrator to optionally extend the allowed period before de-registering or de-activating a Video System due to it being offline would alleviate this issue for customers in these verticals.