Telephone conference moderation and features

Idea created by ewagner on Aug 14, 2015
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    Requesting "leader" or "moderator" features/controls when dialed into a meeting via telephone, as well as features for normal participants dialed in via telephone.


    Currently, you can set the moderator of a meeting for mute-all controls, but that moderator cannot perform this functionality if they are dialed in via telephone, only if they are participating via video.

    I would like to have more controls available to the moderator and/or meeting owner in this scenario.


    Here is an EXAMPLE of keypad commands available to the "leader" and participants during a conference call hosted through another conference line service...


    Helpful Keypad Commands:
    *0     Operator assistance – conference
    00     Operator assistance – individual
    *1      Dial-out to a participant – leader only
    *2      Begin/end conference record – leader only
    #2      Leave and join a new conference
    *3      Change entry/exit method (recorded names, tones, silence) – leader only
    *4      Private roll call
    *5/#5 Mute/unmute all participant lines – leader only
    *6/#6 Mute/unmute your own line
    *7/#7 Lock/unlock conference (including operator) – leader only
    *8      Allow/disallow conference continuation – leader only
    *9      Start/join sub-conferencing
    11      Third-party conference start – bypass hold music to start call as leader
    *31    Change leader entry/exit announcement – leader only
    *44    Quality Case Maker – leader only
    *51/#51  Lecture mode on/off – leader only
    *60/*61  Music on hold off/on
    #64    Return to leader account menu
    #99    Disconnect all lines except leader’s – leader only
    *#      Participant count
    **       List available keypad commands


    Obviously, not all of these options would be needed.
    The most useful IMO would be "mute/unmute all".  "Dial out to a Participant" would be interesting is possible. "Lecturer mode on/off", "participant count". etc...

    There would need to be a way for the moderator/meeting owner to authenticate as the "leader" too.  Maybe an additional code/pin for the leader specific to telephone dial in?


    Looking for other members ideas on this and what you think would be useful in this scenario?