Basic LS Cloud user with limited capabilities

Idea created by drude on Aug 28, 2015
    Pending Review

    I have run across a couple scenarios where having a two Cloud user options would be beneficial.  The first would an advanced user with all the capabilities that Cloud users have today (meeting creating, meeting scheduling, point to point calling, etc).  The second would be a basic user that has limited capabilities.  For example a basic user would not be able to create a meeting, schedule a meeting, or record a call.  To go even further, Cloud administrators would have the ability to manually create the users, set expiration dates on these users as well as restrict which users/meetings show in their directory.  Two examples of where this would be beneficial are with students and contractors.  Some school districts like Cloud, but they would like to give their students a Cloud account, but they do not want their students creating or scheduling meetings.  They would like the students to be able to chat between classmates and be able to call into the class list (meetings) that they have in a semester, but then have that account delete or become deactivated after a certain amount of days or a certain end date.  The same goes for business contractors.  On-prem ClearSea customers are using this type of deployment and it would be great to see this in the Cloud offering.