LifeSize Icon 800 active cam preset auto switch

Idea created by plaakmann Expert on Sep 14, 2015

    Ladies and Gentlemen,


    I´d like to suggest a simple but maybe handy feature to be added to the already vast feature list of the LifeSize Icon series.

    Specifically I´m talking about the ability of an Icon to automatically switch the active camera to whichever cameras preset one selected.



    When using an Icon 800 with 3 Cameras which happen to be located in different positions, you can setup presets (0-9).

    Let´s say certain presets are established: (0 blocked by design)

    Cam1: 1,2,3

    Cam2: 4,5,6

    Cam3: 7,8,9

    When in a Conference -active camera: Cam1- you like to capture something in the room which only Cam3 with preset 7 would get you select preset 7.

    As per design Cam3 will move to the desired preset position. (So far so good)

    Now one hast to manually switch the active camera to Cam3.


    At this point an automation could recognize the operators request and switch the active camera to Cam3 as soon as the Cam3 is aligned.

    At least an option to activate such automation would be handy to not collide with other setups where this might not be considered handy.

    I´m sure there are more scenarios where this kind of feature applies to be comfortable.


    Thank you and kind regards,