Cloud Meeting report - email after completion of meeting

Idea created by drude on Sep 24, 2015
    Pending Review

    I had a recent conversation with a customer regarding Cloud meetings and we discussed reporting options.  The customer asked if Meeting organizers/creators/moderators are able to receive a emailed report containing attendance number, attendee names/locations and meeting length once the Meeting is concluded.  I think many of my customers would find this type of report helpful in their day to day use of Lifesize Cloud.  Having a "Meeting Report" sent to the Meeting creator would give that user the ability to have a record of the call.  This would be extremely beneficial for larger calls (more than 13 participants) where many of the callers are off screen and are never seen during the call.  It also could include the list of audio (PSTN) participants so that the meeting organizer had a record of who joined via audio only.


    Let me know if this type of reporting would be beneficial to you or your customers.