video center - video auto naming format

Idea created by adeline Partner on Oct 2, 2015
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    • seddik.timoumi
    • bdinnerv
    • jwinterbottom

    The video recording title is based on recording key name + date, is there any possibility to change the recording name as date + recording key name?
    The date format is too long, possible to make it shorter?
    i.e.: Sales Meeting - 30 September 2015 -> 300915 - Sales Meeting (possible)?
    As sometime the recording key name is very long & date can't be seem in the list.

    In short :-
    1. Possible to make the date in video title that was auto-appended be prefix (i.e. before the hyphen sign) instead of being a sub-fix?
    2. Possible to make the date format be either “30/09/15” or “300915” that is shorter in length?

    Thank you.