ClearSea guest invitation for meeting rooms

Idea created by mkluge Partner on Oct 14, 2015
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    HI all,

    in UVC ClearSea Server there is the option to customize the Guest Invite URL.

    We need this option since we specified our company's main domain in CSS for SIP and H323 calls (using SRV records).

    So we have to customize the Guest Invite URL since http traffic on the main domain leads to our company's homepage and not to CSS.

    But we found out, that the specified Guest Invite URL only takes effekt for the user invitations (when I navigate to the "Invite" tab in Lifesize Video client).

    When I want to invite users to a meeting and navigate to the "Meetings" tab, choose a meeting and press on the email/calendar button, the invitation URL leads to main domain/meeting-ID instead of the specified Guest Invite URL in CSS.


    Please vote for this feature if you ran into the same problem.