LifeSize Video Group Chat-

Idea created by jwinterbottom on Oct 19, 2015
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    Hi All,


    I know Cloud is getting more love these days but for "on prem" customers like us, group chat is a sorely needed feature.  I have clients including our own IT department that are using other tools specifically because LifeSize Video doesn't have a group chat feature.  This is a barrier of entry for us, the first question that is asked when demoing Lifesize Video to new clients is almost always around group chat capability.  After the astonishment that group chat is not possible, most users never install it and move on to something else.  The easy answer is "move to cloud" but this is a hard justification to make when we have invested a fair amount in hardware within the last year.  If the perception from our clients now is that Lifesize Video is not a collaboration focused solution, its going to be a tough sell moving forward with Lifesize.