ability to remove voice extension field in meeting invites (LifeSize Video)

Idea created by jwinterbottom on Oct 29, 2015
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    Now that users have the ability to create their own VMR's with Lifesize Video, I have noticed something that may be problematic when users invite guests to a meeting.  Immediately after creating a meeting room, a box pops up with options for inviting guests to the meeting.  There is a voice extension field that basically populates a random meeting ID which is the same ID that you would use in the dialing string to connect a video call.  As far as I can tell, the voice extension does nothing.  We do not have our phone system integrated with Lifesize Video and attempting to use that voice extension to dial into the meeting via audio only does not work.  This appears to be a cloud feature that has not translated over to the UVC version.  I wouldn't want our clients to assume that we support a voice dial in option if it doesn't work.  As an alternative, it would be great if this field could be turned into an audio only mode in which users could join a meeting as an audio participant via Lifesize Video. 






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