Upgrade Cloud limit HD video quality to 1080@60fps!? And what's about H.265 implementation?!

Idea created by daniele.ciribifera on Oct 30, 2015
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    (I preferred make an unique post because i think this two "updates" could be strenghtly linked each-other.)

    At the moment the only way to make a videocall at 1080@60fps is to have and use en-premise solution, only because the Cloud will not permit performance better than 720@60fps.

    Main competitors just doing HD vcall with 1080@60fps.

    Will you permit to reach this resolution in the future?!

    It's in road map i hope?! For when?!


    And what's about codec H.265 implementation?!  It's an approved standard from 1Q-2013.

    This codec permits other competitors devices (like Cisco) to run at 1920x1080@60fps with a bandwith consumption ~ 10.8 Mbps (while with H.264 was needed 18 Mbps).


    For sure everyone noticed Smart-TV devices handles strenuous 3840×2160 resolution (UHD-4K), we still working at 720.


    It's easy to find simple compares on google.....