Cloud invitation feature (full account) restriction needed

Idea created by fkettel Expert on Nov 6, 2015

    Hi Lifesize Team!


    I have several customers asking for an option to


    - deactivate the invitation feature on Lifesize cloud software client (the one that creates a full account!).

    - to implement, that the invitation links from the manage console are altered every time.


    Background is, if you are for example a university and your cloud account runs on you might have the problem, that the invitation link gets shared from someone and you then have no chance to prevent students or whomever with an email address like from creating a full cloud account.




    so i think it is mandatory to provide an option for deactivating the cloud account invitation feature on software clients and also to alternate the invitation link from cloud management console every time to prevent unauthorised account creation.

    This is something, only Administrators and Poweusers should be able to.



    Thanks and have a nice weekend!